Antique vehicle Route

We are so grateful for your willingness to participate in our parade.  I am so excited.  I think the character of your vehicles will allow this parade to keep the home town feel we so enjoy here in Mapleton.  We are very grateful to that you will carry our veterans proudly as we recognize them for their service. 

If you look on the map below you will see, I have asked special permission to close down a part of 400 East to make sure your vehicles are not around moving trailers and avoid any unnecessary worry.  It is here I have been asked to keep your vehicles in a single file line so that we have an emergency lane available should the police officer on duty need to exit.  You will single file line up the length of the street until the float entrance.  If necessary we will move you onto 1200 North to provide enough room for all vehicles in your party. 

Your vehicles will line up in a single file line on 400 East. Between the numbers 18 and 32. All antique vehicles will be staged together.  Kinda like an early morning car show. 

To get to your staging area, you will travel down 1600 North to 600 East and turn right onto 1200 North.  There will be a person to direct you once you get to 1200 North.Tell them you are with the antique car set up.  A person in a bright orange shirt or a caution vest with a yellow staff lanyard around their neck should be able to answer your questions.  If not, look for the lady with an orange shirt and a blue Mickey Mouse baseball cap, that will be me.

Once the parade begins we will have everyone stagger using both lanes of the road until the end of the parade like this:




Everyone will need to mind the gap making sure you don't get too far behind the others.  We like to keep the pace consistent.  

There is no candy throwing from your vehicles.  Only walkers alongside the road may hand out candy.  They can not toss or throw in candy any form.

Your vehicles DO NOT enter the parking lot at the Elementary but rather take your passengers past the police barricade to the parking area with you.  This is so they are closer to the activities unless otherwise directed. There will be signs and balloons along the route to help guide you.  You will continue down Maple Street to 800 West.  Turn left onto 800 West and travel straight till 1600 South.  Turn left onto 1600 South and travel until you hit South Main Street. Turn left and travel until you see the park.  The antique parking is under the shade along the gravel pathway on the south side of the park.  A person should be there in a orange vest and staff badge to help you. 

You should arrive back at the Mapleton Park without having to fight too many crowds.  You will be given a parking pass that will give you parking privileges in the shade for your vehicle. And the veterans will not have to walk too far to participate in the other activities held there at the park.  The Grand Marshall will be given an award there in the pavilion to begin the park celebrations.

The police chief has given the following directives: 

"The area along the south fence and park area that you shaded will be reserved for the Model A cars.  The other parking area in front of old Fire House will be reserved for specific committees (jump houses, food, entertainment) and as long as they leave room for vendors and such to drive by. They should probably park on an angle." 

As for parking you should, probably back in for it will be easier for you to leave.  

We again thank you for your participation.  It is a pleasure to have you and your vehicles a part of our celebration.

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