Monday, July 20, 2015

Staging Traffic Flow 2015

We are so excited to you have along. To help everyone visualize the traffic flow in staging for the Mapleton Parade Friday July 24th, I have created the following traffic flow diagram.  This is to help everyone get where they need to be, to eliminate the congestion we saw last year and to keep the primary children safe.

Primary/Participant Drop Off is for those drivers who will stay in their vehicle at all times. They will not get out of their vehicle for any reason including to unbuckle children or drop off decorating supplies. Remember for the safety of the children,  if a driver needs to get out of the car to help their children unload, they must go to the parking area and use the crossing guards to get where they need to be. If you need to carry a lot of decorating supplies, it is recommended you bring a hand truck to tote them.

DO NOT PARK ANY EXTRA VEHICLES in the parade staging areas or elementary parking lot.  Will have towed especially if it blocks the flow of the parade.

Cars are not allowed to enter the debarkation at the Elementary for participants safety.

Click on image to enlarge or print

The following entries have a different traffic pattern and will enter on 1200 North

BYU Airforce ROTC
Police Chief
High School Bands
Mayor and City Council golf carts
Mapleton Youth City Council
Bike Give Away Float
Band support vehicles
Grand Marshall
Grand Marshall Family Float
Honorary Grand Marshall
Honorary Grand Marshall car
Model A club (12 vehicles)
Maple Mountain Drill Team
Antique vehicles
Mapleon Tree City Float
Miss Springville Mapleton

For antique vehicles click here for your travel pattern.

All parents can drop participants off through the primary drop off whether or not they are on a primary float. Just remember that the primary drop off is just that.  A DROP off.  If you need to get a child out of a car seat or need to get out of your car, use the parking area across the street at the church and the crossing guards will get you to your destination.

Remember to print out, sign and bring the general waivers for everyone who will be in the parade including drivers, chaperones, participants, etc.  These will be collected once you are staged. Without these you are not allowed to participate.

Only licensed drivers may drive four wheelers and must wear a helmet.  Participants riding bikes must also have helmets.

Remember no candy throwing.  Walkers may hand deliver treats but candy may not be tossed or thrown, especially if you are in a moving vehicle.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Parade Line Up and Staging Map 2015

Glad to have you a part of the Mapleton 24th of July Parade.  Its gonna be a beauty. Truly the best one yet! Deadlines have passed for any new entries.

After much consideration of those who need to be in the Spanish Fork Parade and proximity of other related floats, the first preliminary line up has been modified. The final line is published at

• MAIN AND 1200 NORTH, 200 East 1200 North and 600 East 1200 North ( North side of Mapleton Junior) will close at 7:45 am. 

All vehicles except those listed below must enter in from 600 North and 400 East. 

• Entries, floats and any vehicle check ins are 7:15-8:15. Place in line will not be held for late comers. Any floats arriving after 8:15 a.m. may not be included. Discretion is left to the parade chairperson.

• Primary children and veterans check in is at 8:00-8:30

• 8:45 closing gaps on parade enteries

• 9:00 Parade begins

All vehicles must enter in from 600 North and 400 East except those listed below. 

The following Floats/entries will be allowed permission to enter from 1200 North Main.

BYU Airforce ROTC
Police Chief
High School Marching Bands
Mayor and City Council golf carts
Mapleton Youth City Council
Bike Give Away Float
Buses for Bands- not any extra vehicles
Horses and Pooper scoopers

The following floats or vehicles will be allowed to enter from 1200 North and 600 East..

Grand Marshall
Grand Marshall Family Float
Honorary Grand Marshall
Honorary Grand Marshall car
Model A club (17 vehicles)
High School Marching Bands
Maple Mountain Drill Team
Antique vehicles
Mapleton Tree City Float
Miss Springville Mapleton

Don't forget your waivers for all participants.  No waiver- no parade according Chief Pettersson. You can find the waiver by clicking on the UDOT tab above. 

Driver’s of 4-wheelers must be licensed adults according to state parade laws. Have license and helmet there at check in.

Vehicles, trailers and floats can arrive as early as 7:15 to be staged in the Mapleton Junior High Parking lots as assigned. 

Parking for vehicles not in the parade is available at the Mapleton Stake Center.  No cars are allowed to park along 1200 North or 400 East.  There is no parking on the north or east side of Mapleton Junior High anywhere expect for staged vehicles as listed on the map. 

Drop off for all participants including primary will be through the Primary drop off. 

8:15 The roads will start getting congested as the primary children will be arriving. You will want to beat that mad rush, if you want to stay sane. I sure would appreciate it if you did, for the safety of the children.

Been a pleasure serving the community in this manner as the Mapleton Parade Chairperson.

Click on image to enlarge to print

Place numberENTRY NAME
1BYU Airforce Color guard
2Mapleton Parade Banner
3Mapleton City Police Chief
4Mapleton Firetrucks
5Mapleton Ambulance
6Maple Mountain High School Marching Band
7Miss Springville/Mapleton
8Mapleton City Mayor and Councilmembers
9Mapleton Youth City Council
10City Bike Give away float
11Maple Mountain High School Cheer
12Maple Mountain High School Student Council
13Maple Mountain FFA
Maple Mountain Ellev├ęs Drill Team
Royal Elite Cheer
15Honorary Grand Marshall
16Honorary Grand Marshall Brothers
Springville High School Band
Veterans Banner
18Model A Club 12 Antique Cars
30William Maxey 57 Chevy
31Doug Edwards 65 Corvette Stingray
32Bateman 71 Chevy Truck
33Mapleton Tree City Float
34Mapleton Cemetery
35Wright Flower Company (old Steiners floral)
36Art Royalty
37Mapleton Rec Cheer
38Grand Marshall
39Wilson Family
40Mapleton 6th Ward Primary
41Mapleton Stake Presidency
42Mapleton 13th Ward
43Mapleton 22nd Ward
Tarzan - Spanish Fork Community Theater
45Mapleton North Stake Presidency
46Mapleton 23rd Ward Primary
47Mapleton North 11th Ward
49Mapleton 17th Ward
50Mapleton 14th Ward
51Golf Cart-Don & Melody Green
52Provo Utah Mission
53Mapleton 4th Ward Primary
5412th ward
56Mapleton 3rd Ward
5719th ward Primary
58Upstream Investment Partners
59Mapleton 15th Ward
60Mapleton 21st Ward Primary
61LifeWorks Counseling
62Mapleton 5th Ward
63Mapleton 7th Ward
64Mapleton First Ward
65Estes Neighbor Float
66Mapleton 8th Ward Band
67Mapleton 16th Ward
68Johnston family fun
69Finale: Horse pull wagon
70Trash Float
71Police Cars

Color coded map for entry entrance

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Check in Times 2015

Here are the check in times for everyone! Need to be in place by 8:30 am.

7:45 am ROADS CLOSED for access to Mapleton Junior High-
             Road North of Mapleton Junior- 1200 East from Main street to 500 North
             Road East of Mapleton Junior- 400 East from 1000 East to 1200 East

8 am  the only access to drop off and check in with vehicles is 600 North and 400 East.

7:15 -8:15 am - All moving vehicles/floats check in.

Stationary Parking for vehicles NOT in parade is at Mapleton Stake Center on 400 East.

8:15 am Primary Children check in Mapleton Seminary Building

Parking for all vehicles NOT in Parade is at the Mapleton Stake Center on 400 East.

8:45 Closing gaps for movement

9:00 Parade begins moving onto Main Street

Click on image for larger view.

Parade Line Up will be published as soon as the line up is finalized.

Welcome and General Information 2015

It is time again to plan for the Mapleton 24th of July Parade. It will be held on Friday the 24th of July, 2015 at 9 a.m. Staging will begin as early as 7:00 a.m.

We are so excited to make this year the best year yet! Since moving here, it has been a family tradition of ours to make the Mapleton 24th of July event a part of our lives. There is nothing more spectacular than being around family, friends and celebrating our heritage.

For this year's theme, we have chosen "Pioneering Around the World". We have had pioneers come and go from all parts of the world.  Some have brought their cultures with them and others have taken ours to far and distant lands. We have had many pioneers who have made our lives better and fulfilling. We have those who took the leap to settled Mapleton. We have those who created businesses here in and for the town of Mapleton. We have the many veterans who have fought for our freedoms. We have the many teachers who have taught our children. We have the many people who have served in church callings and various capacities throughout the community who have blessed us. There are so many pioneers of our past, present and future from all different walks of life. We hope to represent all those cultures that have had a positive influence to better our future and the future of our children. Come celebrate this wonderful community with us.

We are looking for groups willing to participate in our parade this year. Looking for veterans, cultural groups, dance teams, families, books groups, 4H groups, karate groups, dance groups, Mapleton businesses, etc…..

Come join us as we celebrate together the wonderful community created here. Click here to learn the specifics to register.

Kim Kehrer
Mapleton 24th of July Parade Chair

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Congratulations to our Grand and Honorary Parade Marshalls 2015

Grand Marshalls are Joyce and Arnold Wilson 

These high school sweethearts rode on a motorcycle to the Manti temple to be married and have since been married for 63 years. Of those years, 58 of them have been here in Mapleton where they consider it to be Heaven on Earth with the view of Maple Mountain on the horizon.  They love this community and the people here. Together they have raised ten children and currently have 60 grandchildren and 74 great grandchildren with seven more on the way.  Family Reunions and Thanksgiving gatherings can always be a party where up to 194 people can attend.  Arnold received his PhD from OSU and taught Civil Engineering at BYU for forty years. He paricipated in many projects that included the Marriott Center, the J. Reuben Clark Law Building, the second phase of the Harold B. Library as well as many others on the University of Utah campus. He also served as Mapleton City's engineer and on the planning commission.  He has served many positions in the church including Bishop and the Presidency at the MTC. He especially remembers the time when his ward had 4 deacons quorums while he served as a scout master for seven years.  Joyce has thoroughly enjoyed raising her family and remembers when she used to cook 16 loaves of bread a week. She is known for her detailed genealogy, scrapbooks, service at church,  family history books and for her colorful flowers and gardens. We thank you for your contributions to Mapleton.

Honorary Grand Marshall is Dick Bills

 Dick was born in Mapleton in 1929 in the little house on Main Street next to the old fire station on Maple Street. Right now he is the longest living Mapleton resident born right here in Mapleton.  He is the oldest of seven children born and raised here by Doug and Lenor Bills. He graduated from Springville High and served in the Air Force as an air craft maintenance and air frame repairman. After four years, he returned to Utah and worked at the pipe plant that used to be Pacific States Pipe Company now known as McWane Ductile.  He was introduced to his beautiful wife Erma Lee (passed May 2013) while sharing a slide show of his tour of duty in Alaska. Married on New Year’s Eve, 1953, in Spanish Fork, Dick and Erma Lee shared 61 years of happiness, raising three boys and one daughter.  Currently he has 14 grandchildren. He has enjoyed farming, riding horses and sometimes chasing cows through the Mapleton fields and mountains. He is known to say, “Things turn out best for people who make the best of how things turn out.”  No matter where you bump into Dick, his smile beams ear to ear.  He sure makes Mapleton one of the happiest places on earth.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Participation requirements 2015

So what's required to participate in the Mapleton Parade?
We will celebrate our current elected officials but the parade is not to be used for political advertising or agendas.

Entry form DUE BY JULY 1st, 2015 for preferential treatment of line up placement. Needed items: 

Mapleton Stake and North Stake Primaries- must not have any business advertisements anywhere. 

1. Register online here


Bring to Parade line up
•General Waiver/UDOT waiver for each child

Collect but keep for your activity participation reference
•LDS primary participant waiver for each child

Local Business or Walkers passing out flyers without floats

1. Register online here

2. $25 fee paid to Mapleton City paid at the Mapleton City office building

3. Bring to Parade line up
•General Waiver/UDOT form for each participant in parade

Those passing out flyers without paying the fee will be fined for littering.

Contact for Businesses and Schools:

School or registered local non profit organizations- Must not have any for profit business advertisement anywhere.

1. Register online here

2. Bring to Parade line up
•General Waiver form for each participant


Local Family Floats and/or Antique Vehicles- Must not have any business advertisement anywhere.

1. Register online here


ALL Participants- veterans, grand marshalls, dignitaries, drivers of vehicles, any walking participants 

•General Waiver form for each participant

Contact for Veteran participation:


Participant will need a UDOT waiver signed.
Bring a big smile