Monday, July 20, 2015

Staging Traffic Flow 2015

We are so excited to you have along. To help everyone visualize the traffic flow in staging for the Mapleton Parade Friday July 24th, I have created the following traffic flow diagram.  This is to help everyone get where they need to be, to eliminate the congestion we saw last year and to keep the primary children safe.

Primary/Participant Drop Off is for those drivers who will stay in their vehicle at all times. They will not get out of their vehicle for any reason including to unbuckle children or drop off decorating supplies. Remember for the safety of the children,  if a driver needs to get out of the car to help their children unload, they must go to the parking area and use the crossing guards to get where they need to be. If you need to carry a lot of decorating supplies, it is recommended you bring a hand truck to tote them.

DO NOT PARK ANY EXTRA VEHICLES in the parade staging areas or elementary parking lot.  Will have towed especially if it blocks the flow of the parade.

Cars are not allowed to enter the debarkation at the Elementary for participants safety.

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The following entries have a different traffic pattern and will enter on 1200 North

BYU Airforce ROTC
Police Chief
High School Bands
Mayor and City Council golf carts
Mapleton Youth City Council
Bike Give Away Float
Band support vehicles
Grand Marshall
Grand Marshall Family Float
Honorary Grand Marshall
Honorary Grand Marshall car
Model A club (12 vehicles)
Maple Mountain Drill Team
Antique vehicles
Mapleon Tree City Float
Miss Springville Mapleton

For antique vehicles click here for your travel pattern.

All parents can drop participants off through the primary drop off whether or not they are on a primary float. Just remember that the primary drop off is just that.  A DROP off.  If you need to get a child out of a car seat or need to get out of your car, use the parking area across the street at the church and the crossing guards will get you to your destination.

Remember to print out, sign and bring the general waivers for everyone who will be in the parade including drivers, chaperones, participants, etc.  These will be collected once you are staged. Without these you are not allowed to participate.

Only licensed drivers may drive four wheelers and must wear a helmet.  Participants riding bikes must also have helmets.

Remember no candy throwing.  Walkers may hand deliver treats but candy may not be tossed or thrown, especially if you are in a moving vehicle.

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