Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Parade Staging, Entrances and Check in times 2014

To help those who want to know the easiest way to line up for the parade.  This is called staging.  

Here are the check in times for everyone! Need to be in place by 8:30 am.

7:45 am ROADS CLOSED for access to Mapleton Junior High-
             Road North of Mapleton Junior- 1200 East from Main street to 500 North
             Road East of Mapleton Junior- 400 East from 1000 East to 1200 East

8 am only access to drop off and check in with vehicles is 600 North and 400 East.

7:15 -8:15 am - All moving vehicles/floats check in.

Stationary Parking for vehicles NOT in parade is at beginning Mapleton Stake Center on 400 East or at the end of the parade route along 300 West by the elementary school.

8:15 am Primary Children check in Mapleton Seminary Building

Parking for all vehicles NOT in Parade is at the Mapleton Stake Center on 400 East. Do not park any extra vehicles in the parade staging areas. If you need to decorate, bring your items ( bikes, scooters, decorations) in the float or park your car in the stake center and cart your items to the float.  NO extra cars allowed in staging area.

8:45 Closing gaps for movement, all people should be loading floats and cars to move forward.

9:00 Parade begins moving onto Main Street from 1200 North

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